Sunday, July 31, 2011

MONDAY: It's only Monday? Transfers, Spartans and some All-Tourney talent

Happy Monday to you all! Hope you're enjoying the least enjoyable day of the week ... at least there's some things poppin' in the Middletown Press office that should catch your eye.

These Middletown Post 75 kids won't let go of their spot on the sports cover easily. Colin Sledzik and Yuri Morin were named to the American Legion All-Tournament team (Norwalk went on to win the title, FYI).

Big news from the gridiron: Middletown running back Shacor Privott withdrew from MHS, and he'll play at a Massachusetts prep school this fall. Middletown coach Sal Morello didn't even see it coming.

It's Monday morning, and that means musings from Mr. Bransfield. His thoughts on Post 75, the Privott problem, and (as always) much more. Check it out.

THIS IS SPARTA! Er, Middletown. The Middletown Spartans, that is. They've dropped two in a row, and coach Jim Greco knows they can't get away with mistakes. Read up some more on the local NEFL Triple-A football team.

Erik Bedard has had a tough season, but the Red Sox are hoping the lefty (who played against the Sox a lot when he was an Oriole) can help mark up a few more W's before the playoffs. Get the deets here.

OH! And you're must-see vid of the day, courtesy of CollegeHumor. "Soccer Trick Shot Fail."

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