Thursday, July 7, 2011

Extras to this week's Athletes of the Week

Girls Athlete of the Week Extras:

One of the more memorable AOW interviews was this recent one with Mercy's Brooke Franco. Love her response when she talks about her mindset at the plate. "I do a lot better when I'm mad," she said. "When I get mad, I feel like I do so much better."

You may hear a few clicks in the background ... Brooke's mom was taking pics on her phone during the interview.

Boys Athlete of the Week Extras:

Caught Kyle before his game Wednesday against Wallingford at Palmer. Managed to find a quiet spot in the bleachers to do the interview. Nice kid. Our photography editor, Catherine Avalone, was putting up a white sheet for the portrait shot, and he helped her tape it up on the Palmer backstop.

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