Monday, August 1, 2011

TUESDAY: Post 75 in pics, Randy retires, Jim Calhoun's expectations

Well, now that Legion baseball is done we've got more free time on our hands. If you got a summer story idea, let us know!!! But we had a chance to put together some content from the season for Middletown Post 75 in a 'Year in Pictures' video, teased on Tuesday's sports cover. Check it out at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile, Mr. Randy Moss has retired, and after only 13 seasons. Surprising to many, as he had a chance to break some records if he stuck around another five seasons or so. Oh well, he graced us with some glorious moments (the fake moon, the 23 touchdown catches for New England, the afro, to name a few). Read the full story here.

You might not have known that UConn men's basketball won every non-conference game last year. That'll be quite the task this year (coach Calhoun said flat-out: "We’re not going to go undefeated in non-conference play again.") Get the full piece and schedule here.

David Stern is not happy with the NBA players. Which is not good, because that means we could be locked out for a while. Uh oh.

Alright, here's your Middletown Legion vid. What picture is your favorite?? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

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