Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kemba brings down the house at Greater Hartford Pro-Am

This morning was a more formal affair for Connecticut's famed point guard Kemba Walker, with suits and ties and whatnot. But yesterday was pure Kemba, replete with basketball pinnies and 32 second-half points in a late arrival at the Greater Hartford Pro-Am. The Courant's Mike Anthony was there for the magic:

Late in the second quarter, with Hurley trailing by 20-something points, coach Kevin Kirksey received a text message from Kemba Walker reading, "On my way." Walker, who was conducting a camp in Glastonbury, arrived at halftime. So did Tyler Olander, Roscoe Smith and former UConn forward Ben Eaves.
Hurley trailed by 18 at the half and then by 28 in the first few minutes of the second half, when these celebrated players were still trying to get on the same page with Doug Wiggins and Mike Evanovich, who had carried the Hurley team before their arrival at Sport & Medical Sciences Academy. 
It became interesting, fun. Walker at one point made four consecutive three-pointers and finished with 32 points. Wiggins hit a few clutch shots and finished with 35. Smith had 17, including a spin for a forceful dunk. The deficit was twice cut to nine. The bleachers, once half empty, were now full because so many texted and tweeted about who had arrived.
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