Thursday, July 14, 2011

Extras to this week's Athletes of the Week

OK, did something a little different with this week's AOW's, you'll notice. For Dan Bouchard (read more on him here), we did the usual interview, but added some lower thirds with additional info (high school, college, fun facts, etc.)

For Emily, who actually earned the All-American honorable mention last week but most definitely still deserves this honor, we had a ton of photos on file from her father, Eric. So we put together a slideshow, along with some lower thirds, for a quick and cool vid.

Like one? Like the other? Prefer one or the other? Let me know!

Dan Bouchard

Double props to you if you knew what actuarial science was. Met Dan for the interview before his game yesterday against Newington (it was actually rained out, but more on that here).

Emily Anderson

Here's the slideshow of Emily, one of H-K's most dominating lacrosse players ever (if you didn't read the feature on her last week, check it out).

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