Sunday, July 24, 2011

MONDAY: Legion tourney (Stamford?!?!), Burt Blyleven, and the sinking Mariners

  • Middletown Post 75 lost to a streaking Stamford team on Sunday
  • Burt Blyleven is the first pure starting pitcher to be inducted into the HoF since Nolan Ryan
  • The biggest news in the MLB is that the Mariners suck
But really. They do. They lost their 15th straight game Sunday, this one to the BoSox. Ouch.

More locally, you may remember Stamford Legion. They trounced RCP in the play-in round. Then they trounced No. 1 seed and DEFENDING CHAMPION Branford. And most recently, they trounced Middletown. Whole lot of trouncing going on.

Middletown plays today against Southington at 3:30 p.m., and it's all on the line. Win or go home.

Roberto Alomar and Burt Blyleven are Hall of Famers. Boom.

The Sandman had a scare, but he'll be OK. Thuhhhhh Yankees win. (Doesn't have the same zing when you're reading it, I know).

I'll be at the Middletown game tomorrow. Definitely live-tweeting, maybe even live-streaming. Tweet me questions @jdpelletier, I just might answer them.

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