Thursday, July 21, 2011

(Thank God it's) FRIDAY: A history lesson

A little history, coming at ya!

As the American Legion state tourney kicks off, we brought back some nostalgia for the print edition. Give it a look-see. Anyway, Middletown has a Saturday night showdown with Avon, get the preview here.

The NFL lockout is almost over ... perhaps. Kind of. But there WAS a step in the right direction Thursday, as owners voted for an agreement. Now, the players need to approve it, and then, kickoff. And wings. And beer. Lots of beer. Get the full story here.

Sox were off, Yanks didn't make deadline (but here's the story -- they got beat by one James Shields).

So RCP wrapped up their season, and we thought to bring you some pics from their season, which really was a good one. Good pitching, a lot of fun play (remember when Dan Bouchard hit the first homer in two seasons??)

For the season in review bit, click here. For some video, look below.

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