Monday, July 11, 2011

TUESDAY: Today's cover and top stories

Couldn't get Robbie Cano's Derby win into today's paper by virtue of our 10:10 p.m. deadline, but we've got some Middletown Legion content and an All-Star preview. Middletown Post 75 dropped the ball Monday against Berlin with late errors. Jim Bransfield wrote a piece on Middletown Post 75's Junior Legion team, and they're actually doing quite well. Check it out here. And we've got the All-Star preview, complete with rosters and a pair of stories: (1) A look at pitchers Halladay and Weaver, and (2) an interesting piece on Rev. Jessie Jackson's call for All-Stars to speak out about Arizona immigration laws.

And if you're as enthralled with the US women's soccer team as I am, a look at their day following the most dramatic soccer win I've ever seen.

AND how could I forget Kemba. Be sure to check back with Middletown Press sports around 11 a.m. to read about Kemba's appearance at the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.

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