Sunday, July 17, 2011

MONDAY: Today's cover & top stories

Big things popping on Sunday, namely the World Cup final and the British Open final round. Big winners on the day were Japan (NOT the US, sadly), and Northern Irishman Darren Clarke.

At 42 years old, Clarke was in his 20th British Open appearance, but proved that even a "normal bloke," as he said, could win it. Read the full story here.

U.S. women's team was stunned. So was I. It seemed they were destined to win, and even heading into penalty kicks, they'd win it. But somehow, someway, Japan turned the tide. Goalie Ayumi Kaihori was outstanding, and Japan won. Mind blown. Read the great story from Nancy Armour of the Associated Press, who produced really great, compelling stories throughout the World Cup.

Monday Morning Musings from Jim Bransfield rounds out the cover, and he's got some analysis of the upcoming American Legion baseball tournament (for both Middletown and RCP), as well as some thoughts on Vinal Tech losing athletics. Give it a read here.

Oh quote of the day comes from the Darren Clarke and his claret jug. A pint for the Irishman, eh?

"There might be lots of nice, Irish black stuff in this trophy this evening."

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