Monday, April 30, 2012

PICS: Coginchaug vs. Cromwell boys tennis

Check out the recap from Coginchaug's 4-3 against Cromwell here.

All pics by Catherine Avalone, The Middletown Press (Follow Cathy on Twitter!)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

PICS: Mercy golf vs. Cheshire

Amanda Pacheco (senior tri-captain)

Gwen Maurice (senior tri-captain)

Danielle Verre (senior tri-captain)

Emily Fritsch (junior)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GIRLS TENNIS: Middletown's Top 4

First singles: Megan Shepard (senior tri-captain)

Second singles: Alex Kolik (sophomore)

Third singles: Miriam Charry (senior tri-captain)

Fourth singles: Ritu Mehra (senior tri-captain)

Monday, April 23, 2012

PICS: Coginchaug, East Hampton, Valley outdoor track

East Hampton's Andrew Talbott

East Hampton's Amber Sekoll

Valley's Amanda Preble

Valley's Chris Connor

Coginchaug's Ben Taber takes the lead from East Hampton's Jake Jendrezejczyk

Coginchaug's Alex Giacco

**This last picture is Valley's Melissa Carey, who is visually impaired, teaming up with Anna D'Agostino in the 100-meter at Monday's meet. Go Melissa!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Local entrants in Boston Marathon


103052/2Gladstone, David A50MMiddletownCTUSAUSA
22611/3Nelson, Buster A34MMiddletownCTUSAUSA
239753/6Rancourt, Julie A.43FMiddletownCTUSAUSA

98012/1Hite, James C.50MCromwellCTUSAUSA

257563/9Burchardt, Karolina A.24FPortlandCTUSAUSA

8301/1Desmarias, Thomas25MMiddlefieldCTUSAUSA
15351/2Schulten, Chris40MMiddlefieldCTUSAUSA

137172/5Fiala, Frank52MEast HaddamCTUSAUSA
78131/8Wardwell, James P.49MEast HaddamCTUSAUSA
80661/9Watters, Eric C46MEast HaddamCTUSAUSA

14231/2Minervino, John R.48MHigganumCTUSAUSA

64701/7Hayes, Dave47MEssexCTUSAUSA
46151/5Shepherd, John C56MEssexCTUSAUSA

150712/7Cappiello, Martin R.55MOld SaybrookCTUSAUSA

185793/1Bauman, Sheridan H41FWestbrookCTUSAUSA