Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CIAC releases email on mandatory preseason practices

Just got an email from the CIAC regarding mandatory preseason practices. Essentially, fall teams must have 14 practices before their first game or contest. We'll keep you posted as we find out whether schedules or local teams will be affected.
Here's the text of the email:
CIAC has received numerous calls from member schools and the media questioning  if the requirement to complete 14 days of mandatory practices prior to first day of competition will be waived or altered.
The mandatory practice day requirement has been in existence for over 30 years and CIAC believes these days of practice are necessary to prepare teams for competition.  Consequently, the only adjustment that will be making to the regulation is to allow schools to count practices held on Sundays toward the required 14 days.  Schools may count both both Sunday practices held previously and those to be held from this point forward toward reaching the 14-day requirement. Sunday practices have always been allowed, but could not be counted towards the requirement. As always, the holding of Sunday practices will be at the discretion of the local school district. Any team that has not conducted 14 days of practice prior to its first scheduled game must postpone and reschedule all games until it has satisfied the requirement. Schools are reminded that rescheduling of postponed games are not subject to weekly limitation rules. School districts are encouraged to allow teams to continue to practice when it is safe to do so, even if school is not in session. We will continue to monitor the situation and assist member schools in their effort to meet the requirement.

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