Saturday, April 14, 2012

SOFTBALL: Seymour def. Hale-Ray, 6-2

Hale-Ray starting
pitcher Katelyn Nichisti
So you'll find the full story here, but below are some here-and-there notes from Saturday's game in Moodus.


  • Missy's Glove: Hale-Ray shortstop Missy Martin was involved with 10 outs on defense, including a beautiful diving save & flip to second base to force out the runner and end the top of the seventh. The junior didn't make an error.
  • First date: Saturday was the first-ever meeting of Hale-Ray and Seymour. Said Seymour coach Ken Pereiras: "It's nice to play someone different, someone good. New faces, new coaches -- it was well worth it."
  • Four times home: There were four inside-the-park home runs Saturday, three from Seymour (one by Hale-Ray's Lydia Walter). Interestingly, they were all within 50 or 60 feet of each other in center field. Petroski's second homer won the long-ball award ... about 15 feet away from going over the fence. 
  • Losing streak: Hale-Ray's loss means the first losing streak since June 2, 2010. They lost in the Shoreline title game to North Branford, then lost in the first round of the Class S state tournament against Trinity Catholic.
  • Poll-tastic: Expect some changes on Tuesday in the Top 10 softball standings (Seymour was No. 1, Hale-Ray was No. 9). I'm thinking Mercy gets in at 8, 9 or 10.

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